Touchy Subjects

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Touchy Subjects

Jesus conquered death and rose with the power to address every touchy subject that you and I can face in today’s life. We can face death with hope.  On that day, Jesus address the biggest touchy subject of all which is “What happens to us when we die?”  When he took on death, he conquered it and brought life out of death and therefore he can speak into every other touchy subject that we may face in life. 

  • --Politics:  Every nation has a government that has been formed to maintain civil order.  How should a Christian respond to differing political views?  Should a Christian associate with a particular political party or express a political opinion?

  • --Immigration: The Kingdom of God is a global kingdom composed of people from every nation.  How should a Christian react to an illegal immigrant?  What is the line between compassion and the need for national security? 

  • --Talking to Kids about Sex and Social Media:  Every parent shudders when talking with their kids about sex.  How can we as parents talk with our kids about this touchy subject in a way that elevates God’s gift of sex in a culture that is distorting it? 

  • --Substance Abuse:  A current touchy subject that has become a front-page issue is substance abuse as illustrated by the current opioid epidemic.  How do we address the touchy subject of substance abuse in our neighborhoods?