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  • Secrets

    A direct outcome of our fallen nature is we tend to hide, cover up and move into self-soothing behaviors. Many of us do not want to be found out when we cover up, hide or self-sooth so we burry the truth with Secrets.  As you may have heard, we are only as sick as our secrets.The truth is every secret that we think is hidden will ultimately be brought into the light. So how can we live our lives with transparency, as though we had no secrets?

  • Conflict

    Conflict management is the process of limiting the negative aspects of conflict while increasing the positive aspects of conflict. The aim of conflict management is to enhance learning and group outcomes, including effectiveness or performance in an organizational setting. Properly managed conflict can improve group outcomes.

  • We Are the Body of Christ

    Jesus envisioned a group of called-out ones to empower so that His kingdom could multiply. The word He used when He proclaimed this The Body of Christ. To become what He envisioned we must be, singularly surrendered accepting our unique giftedness unify in Christ and fulfill His mission to transform the world. 

  • Feasts of Christmas

    In Leviticus 23 we find the most comprehensive record of how the Israelites were commanded by God to observe seven feasts over a period of seven months.  The Hebrew for feasts, moadim is strictly translated as appointed times.  Four feasts were in the spring and the final three were observed in autumn.  The feasts have multiple layers of meaning and application.  As important as these recognitions were, they are nothing compared to what the feasts were ultimately about.

  • GR-Attitude

    Gratitude is not just something we should express once a year it is an attitude we should carry in life.  When you have an attitude of gratitude, you have the habit of gratefulness and this is foundational for thanksgiving.  

    Gratefulness becomes more than an event—it becomes your attitude and I’m going to coin a new spelling that will emphasize the importance of attitude.  I’m going to call it your Gr-attitude.  It’s been said that your attitude determines your altitude.

    When the nose of an airplane is pointed up you have a positive altitude, then you will soar, but if your nose is down you will lose altitude then you will eventually bite the dust! The Apostle Paul gives us clear instruction on how to have an attitude of gratitude. This thanksgiving let’s adopt the attitude of Gr-attitude. Join us as we explore how the apostle Paul details three Gr-Attitudes every Christian needs to life to the fullest.

  • Explore God - Questions

    -Does Life Have Purpose?
    -Does God Exist?
    -Why Does God Allow Pain and Suffering
    -Is Christianity Too Narrow?
    -Is Jesus Really God?
    -Is The Bible Reliable?
    -Can I Know God Personally?

  • I Can Only Imagine

    The aim behind this series is to stir your heart as you come to more fully understand the gracious heart of God as you examine stories of Jesus’ life in the Gospels.  It is our prayer that you will find the al lconsuming peace and hope that a home in the presence of Jesus can offer.

  • Summer on the James

    James the brother of Jesus provided a challenge for the church emphasizing putting our faith into action. Join us for a verse by verse study of this challenging letter to the church!

  • Touchy Subjects

    Jesus conquered death and rose with the power to address every touchy subject that you and I can face in today’s life. We can face death with hope.  On that day, Jesus address the biggest touchy subject of all which is “What happens to us when we die?”  When he took on death, he conquered it and brought life out of death and therefore he can speak into every other touchy subject that we may face in life. 

    • --Politics:  Every nation has a government that has been formed to maintain civil order.  How should a Christian respond to differing political views?  Should a Christian associate with a particular political party or express a political opinion?

    • --Immigration: The Kingdom of God is a global kingdom composed of people from every nation.  How should a Christian react to an illegal immigrant?  What is the line between compassion and the need for national security? 

    • --Talking to Kids about Sex and Social Media:  Every parent shudders when talking with their kids about sex.  How can we as parents talk with our kids about this touchy subject in a way that elevates God’s gift of sex in a culture that is distorting it? 

    • --Substance Abuse:  A current touchy subject that has become a front-page issue is substance abuse as illustrated by the current opioid epidemic.  How do we address the touchy subject of substance abuse in our neighborhoods?

  • Case for Christ

    Based on the bestselling book and major motion picture that will be shown at our Courthouse Road and Chester campus on March 25th 6:00 pm.
    Join us to discover the real evidence of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Both believers and seekers will be touched by the true story of an award-winning investigative journalist—and avowed atheist (Lee Strobel)—who applies his well-honed journalistic and legal skills to disprove the newfound Christian faith of his wife...with unexpected, life-altering results.

    Four-week series leading up to the movie weekly topics are:

    Week 1: “Investigating the Case for Christ”
    Week 2: “Exploring the Evidence for Christ”
    Week 3: “Embracing the Truth about the resurrection”
    Week 4: “What is your verdict Great Story of Good News of Christ”

  • Meant to Be

    God designed us for Healthy relationships and has a specific blueprint that when followed yields healthy interpersonal relationships. Too many times people skip right to, We relationships to heal themselves without property understanding the, ME and US relationships, this leads to dysfunction and disaster. When this blueprint of Me, We and Us is understood and practiced it becomes foundational for good relationships.

    • Relationship with Self
    • Relationship with close friends and spouse 
    • Relationship with others

  • The Power of One

    Focus changes everything. When you focus light into a beam it can cut steel, when you focus light through a magnifiying glass it can ignite a fire. Think of what could happen if followers of Jesus committed to the Power of ONE in our lives!  

    Living Out The Power of One means that a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ is committed to living one’s life with:

    • A Single Purpose-  Doing the will of God whatever the cost and whatever the result.   
    • A Single Passion-  Knowing Christ 
    • A Single Priority   Loving God and loving others
    • A Single Pursuit-  Pursuing peace with all men and living a holy life

  • Incarnation

    As we conclude the year of the creed we want to explore core belief in the incarnation of Christ. This means that Jesus is fully God and Fully man. The doctrine of the virgin birth validates that Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit and took on flesh, was born of a woman to experience life and be given as a sacrifice for our salvation. 

    God becoming Man is the most humbling act of a Holy God, submitting to human form while maintaining all the divine rights, and this was done to demonstrate His love for us. Jesus can identify with our human temptations while providing a model of true victory. Join us this Christmas season as we explore the INCARNATION of Jesus.  

  • Dangerous Prayers

    Do you pray safe prayers or powerful prayers? Jesus implored us to pray bold and powerful prayers and that we are empowered to offensively go against the gates of Hell. This means your prayers are dangerous to our enemy.  What would happen if the spark of safe prayers could turn to flame of dangerous prayers? Will you accept the challenge Jesus gave to pray daringly and courageously?  Take a journey with us as we learn how to pray Dangerous Prayers! 

  • Creed

    One definition of a creed is - a set of beliefs or aims and guides someone's actions. At Southside we hold to the values that Jesus patterned and taught for His church. We believe these values should guide our actions. These values and core beliefs shape how we organize, how we program and where we invest. As we explore what Jesus valued let's commit to living out these values in our everyday life. Because the values and creeds of our belief are at the heart of our mission to “Love all people into a community of Christ-Like disciples.”

  • Love and Justice

    Division fueled by hate is prevalent in our national conversation. How can we become the healing agents of reconciliation and peace as we promote justice with love? 

  • Karpos - Fruit of the Spirit

    The Greek word for fruit is Karpos, and Jesus promised fruit when we abide in Him. This abiding in Christ is fruitful as the gift of the Holy Spirit guides us into all truth. One of the biggest truths about this relationship is the organic fruit that will begin to manifest and grow in our lives as the relationship with God’s Spirit invades every aspect of our being. This fruit is not a self-generated, self-help character-building list or activity. It is the result of a lifestyle that flows organically out of a Deeping relationship with a living God!